All Roads Lead to Hoxton

All Roads Lead to Hoxton

updated February 21, 2018

The American billionaire, Jack Dangermond, once said:

“Something like 80 per cent of business decisions have a location element. In fact, it’s probably higher than that.”

When Panny Lawrence co-founded WorkSpace Commerce Group (WSC), he had pinned several locations in his head even before setting down to write the company’s business plans. Location is everything. Where you want to invest, where you want to start your business, where you want to apply for a job, and the list goes on! Location is a compass that guides everyone and this mantra holds true more so for property developers and investors.

Our third facility is strategically situated in Hoxton/Shoreditch – why? This up-and-coming area is home to London’s very own version of Silicon Valley; the East London Tech City. Already the new buzz-word in property investment, this creative hub has already attracted capital outlay from some of the world’s most aggressive brands such as Google, Amazon and McKinsey. Recognizing the unique needs from the startup and entrepreneurship movement of this area, WSC aims to provide a facility that offers a strong value proposition for both the work and home life demands of the area. The opportunity here is second to none – over 1500 sq. ft. of space offering boutique product and service differentiators that are expected to create and benefit a loyal community following for the WSC brand.

As seen from Colliers International’s report on London’s Take-up by Business Sector for 2017*, flexible workspace operators were responsible for 22% of total take-up.

We at WSC are pointing our compass in the same direction – flexible work spaces in high-potential locations. Email us at for more information.

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