Beyond a Desk and Wi-Fi

Beyond a Desk and Wi-Fi

updated April 22, 2018
beyond a desk and wifi

When Deskmag published their 2017 Global Coworking Survey Results, they forecasted 18 million members to join coworking spaces by the end of 2018. The same report also touch-based on important trends members want to see in the industry. This included providing more niche coworking spaces with a more creative feel to it. In simpler words, “members want more than just a desk from a coworking space.”

CBRE Group Inc says, “Workplaces are increasingly designed and managed less as static backdrops to routine solitary work, and more as hotel-style facilities where ‘guests’ demand a high level of service and experience.”

In line with this, creative spaces and out-of-the-box interior design ideas that are focused on enhancing a work-life balance are key trends in coworking. Hammocks, sleeping pods, play rooms and roof-top gardens are some of the more innovative elements we are seeing. Communal areas and the way they are designed is essential in this type of space. This area now functions more than a reception area; they are now spaces that foster communication and openness – for “brainstorming”, a hub for “exchanging of ideas”. Hence, communal spaces may have a mini books library, art-covered walls, wish walls, thinking cockpit and more. Those that make it to the list of a city’s top coworking spaces have well-thought out areas catering to the taste and flavours of the local culture they are in.

Facilities powered by the WSC brand are spaces that provide both the physical and social infrastructure enhancing the entrepreneurial environment in shared office spaces and coworking. Our properties are designed with a sense of place, one that fits the personality of each location. Working with our own in-house design team of architects and interior designers, each space has its own signature design, making it more relevant to the local community. And that’s why WSC is different from others. The shared office space and coworking is one of the fastest growing property sub-sectors and we wish to capitalise further on the movement by freelancers, entrepreneurs, SMEs and offer not only a property that is great value for them to work from, but also a lifestyle within our community of buildings.

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