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London Commercial Property Market Set For a Boost in 2020

updated February 24, 2020
According to the latest research from Knight Frank, London is set for an increase in commercial real estate investment in 2020 as international investors target the capital’s high-yielding office market. Global investors have increased the total capital targeting London commercial assets to £48.4 billion, a 21% rise on 2019 and…

What are portfolio investments, and what’s in it for you?

updated February 17, 2020
When it comes to any form of financial investment, it’s always prudent to do suitable research, plan for the future and take a long-term view.  Nowadays, investment opportunities come in many forms. There are investment plans for conservative investors who prefer steady returns and stability. Then there are options for…

Investing in UK commercial property? Here’s what you need to know

updated February 12, 2020
Put simply, investing in UK real estate is usually focussed on two primary sectors, namely commercial (offices, retail, coworking and leisure properties, i.e. hotels) and residential (houses, apartments or serviced apartments). Investment may be into existing properties or in land for future development. In addition, there are opportunities to invest…

Tips on Finding the Best Commercial Property Investment in London for you

updated January 19, 2020
Some people have concerns about making any sort of financial investment which may be due to their overly conservative outlook, upbringing, character, job status or even age. Their concerns stem from not wanting to lose money (which no one wants to do!). Yet what some people don't realise is that,…

Why investing in commercial property bonds can be an excellent way to get better returns in a recession or inflationary times

updated January 6, 2020
Investing in commercial property bonds during a recession or period of prolonged inflation can be beneficial to investors. Indeed, economic uncertainty is said to be the friend of fixed commercial property bond yields. Despite recent political developments in the UK, lingering concerns remain about the outlook for the country’s economy…
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