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Nao Group is Acquired by Dragon Gate

updated April 13, 2021
Nao Group has been acquired by an esteemed international investment group. In a move that paves the way towards further UK expansion, Nao Group has inked a deal with an Asian backed investment group, Dragon Gate. Following on from what has been a very tough year for the sector, this…

Is Investing in London Real Estate in 2020, 2021 And Beyond a Good Idea?

updated November 4, 2020
What a tumultuous year! With COVID-19, Brexit and a variety of other economic challenges over the last several months, you might be thinking about the where is best to invest your money. You might also be asking yourself: Is investing in real estate a good idea in London in 2020,…

What Are The Best Fixed Income Investments?

updated October 7, 2020
A fixed-income investment is an investment from which investors receive predetermined interest or dividend payments on a regular basis until a prescribed maturity date. At maturity, the principal amount invested is returned to the investor. Bonds issued by companies and governments, such as commercial property bonds or Treasury Bills, are the most…

What is an ISA and How Does it Work?

updated September 16, 2020
ISAs are a great tax-free way to save, as well as enjoy higher returns Putting money into an ISA (“individual savings accounts”) is a very effective way to build up your savings whilst maintaining access to your funds. Two of the most common ISAs are: “cash ISAs” which pay interest…

The perennial question: Should You Invest in Commercial Real Estate or Stocks?

updated July 27, 2020
Nowadays, there are more choices than ever on where to invest your money. Yet, most investors come back to the basic choice between investing in commercial or residential real estate or stocks. When making financial investments, not everyone is comfortable with investing in government bonds, buying cryptocurrencies, or trading currencies…
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