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Financial Investments: How to Start Investing

updated November 12, 2019
A golden rule of financial investment is that it’s always wise to plan for the future. You never know what future expenses or commitments you may have. Buying a home or an investment property or planning for retirement all requires savings. But if you simply save the money you earn…

Why Investing in London Real Estate in 2019 And Beyond is a Good Idea

updated November 4, 2019
Many aspiring real estate investors deliberate at length about which property markets to invest in. Or, whether to invest directly into bricks and mortar, into commercial property bonds or maybe even buy-to-let properties. In the majority of cases, investing in London real estate always comes to the fore as one…

Property Investment Bonds vs Buy-to-let: Where Are the Better Returns?

updated October 21, 2019
It goes without saying that one of the key objectives of investors is to maximise their investment returns. Traditionally, owning property has been a favoured option, given the dual prospects of rental returns and capital appreciation. Yet smart investors are always looking for different ways to enhance their returns. In…

Flexible Workspaces are Leading the Way in Commercial Real Estate in the UK

updated October 3, 2019
Instant Offices recently published its latest research report “UK Market Summary: Flex Is Leading the Way”. The report highlights how over the past 12 months, the UK’s regional market has been one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. 35% of new CRE stock over the past year was taken…

How the continued growth of coworking spaces is changing the real estate landscape in London; and how you can effectively invest in the sector

updated September 12, 2019
Coworking is one of the fastest-growing market sectors in the city, however, investment into properties suitable for such use needs an experienced developer to guide you through the associated development. Aligning with an entity such as Nao Group can ensure you're making the right sort of investment. Nao Group has…
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