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How Coworking Spaces are Disrupting the Childcare Industry

updated November 30, 2018
As the way we work continues to change, the work-life of parents changes with it. There is a dramatically shifting landscape amongst working parents, as they continue to work more flexible hours in order to accommodate the ever-changing requirements of childcare. The significant cost of childcare is a huge consideration…

The Coworking Boom in Southeast Asia Seems Unstoppable

updated November 29, 2018
The supply and demand for coworking spaces across Southeast Asia has been increasing rapidly as of late. However, the key driver contributing to this growth may surprise you. It is not entrepreneurs and startups as commonly believed, but corporate users, among whom coworking is fast gaining popularity. Bangkok has emerged…

Investment in City of London Offices is up by 7.6 percent on Previous Year

updated November 28, 2018
Investment in City of London offices is up by 7.6 percent for the same period last year reaching £9.47 billion as of the end of October 2018, according to Savills. Stephen Down, executive director and head of Savills Central London investment team, says “Demand for central London offices has remained…

New Stats Show that Coworking is Dominating the Office Real Estate Market

updated October 25, 2018
With coworking emerging as the fastest growing sub-sector of the real estate market, it should come as no surprise that it is now the new normal when it comes to office leasing. The popularity of the sector has meant new reports are now released on such a frequent basis that…

The Annual Value of London’s Commercial Sales of Property has Soared by 166% since 2014

updated October 24, 2018
Search Acumen, the property data and technology provider, analysed HM Land Registry data for Greater London’s 28 boroughs and the results have shown that the annual value of London’s commercial sales of property has soared by 166% since 2014, up from £11.3 billion in 2014 to £30.1 billion in 2017.…
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