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Property Developer, Nao Group, Champions Work-Life Balance as Lockdown Easing Continues

updated September 2, 2021
Nao Group is proud to be leading the way in hybrid working solutions as professionals find new ways to collaborate post-pandemic. According to data from YouGov, the past 18 months have been a watershed moment with 82% of people working from home more often. As lockdown measures have gradually relaxed,…

Property Developer, Nao Group, Eyes Strong Growth Prospects Following Pandemic Recovery

updated June 8, 2021
Nao Group is pleased to project future growth as global lockdown measures are eased. The news comes as successful international vaccination programs facilitate the rollback of social distancing measures. Most UK Government controls on indoor social contact have been lifted as of 17 May 2021, and businesses are embracing the…

Nao Group Set to Benefit from Post-Pandemic Expansion of Co-Working Sector Globally

updated May 11, 2021
Nao Group, the London-based property development firm, predicts a renewed period of growth for the coworking sector as positive developments to combat Covid-19 make strides towards a global post-pandemic recovery that will see lockdown measures slowly easing in the next coming months worldwide. Following a turbulent year for the global…

Property Developer, Nao Group, Seeks Strong Outlook for 2021 Following Acquisition by Dragon Gate

updated April 29, 2021
Nao Group is pleased to announce plans to expand its network of UK coworking spaces. The news follows from the property developer’s recent acquisition by the Asian backed investment group, Dragon Gate. This move has allowed the Company to secure further capital, which will now be used to fund the…

Nao Group is Acquired by Dragon Gate

updated April 13, 2021
Nao Group has been acquired by an esteemed international investment group. In a move that paves the way towards further UK expansion, Nao Group has inked a deal with an Asian backed investment group, Dragon Gate. Following on from what has been a very tough year for the sector, this…
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