Co-existing in Co-working

Co-existing in Co-working

updated December 20, 2017
co existing in co-working

Co-working is no longer a new concept, it is the future that is shaping work and the workforce. Co-working spaces around the world are filled with freelancers, entrepreneurs, professional contractors and more. Imagine what happens when these talents are working next to each other, in other words: co-existing next to each other’s!

One of the biggest advantages to co-working is the co-workers themselves. For example, the people who are sitting right next to you can be your potential clients. We sensed this with one of our own members in Shanghai, Luna, who is a mindfulness mentor, and has grown her client base from the community there. Chatting over coffee in the pantry or posting your new gig on the news board, coworking helps members get more clients. The community, a co-working space offers, is a chance to coexist and co-live with people who can be your future clients.

The most famous quote “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. Communicating with co-workers in a coworking space is the best way to get out of your comfort zone. Co-working spaces are a great place to generate creative ideas and receive constructive feedback on them as well! Working with individuals of all walks of expertise is very useful for young companies and individuals.

Co-existing has another benefit, and that is collaboration and communication. Improving your professional and personal circle happens very effectively in a co-working atmosphere. For example, our members enjoy a Nutella breakfast together, a waffles day, or a cup of coffee in the pantry. This kind of communication opens the door to mutual exchanges. It gives endless options within the personal and business growth of individuals and companies who are part of the community.

Fellow professionals who are in the hot desk next to you can be your future CFO or potential partner. Exchanging experiences between members in co-working spaces create a daily benefit for all. You can receive a free advice on your business plan or skill development while having lunch in the communal area!

The world is getting closer together virtually. We no longer need to travel long distances to see each other. With the evolving social structure, working and co-existing in a co-working space lets you discover something new and eventually it gives you a chance to bring the better version of you.

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