Co-Working and the Future of Work in 2022

Co-Working and the Future of Work in 2022

updated August 26, 2017

In 2014, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) published a study anticipating what the future of work in 2022 would be like. The study was based on a survey of 10,000 participants from China, India, United Kingdom and the United States.

The study discussed the future of work and divided it into three work worlds: Green World, Blue World, and the Orange World. Results pointed to a high tendency of businesses to shift to the Orange World. To explain it more, the Orange World refers to organizations that hire people for their talents and experience on a task-by-task basis, which would also mean full time jobs won’t be dominant in the future.

In fact, this type of business model is already very active in China at the moment; and this is why co-working spaces have been flourishing in recent years as the market is looking for more innovative, vibrant and cost-effective alternative. The future is heading to a more flexible, contract-based employment model.

“2 out of 5 people around the world believe that traditional employment won’t be around in the future. Instead, people will have their own ‘brands’ and sell their skills to those who need them”. PwC Study

The future offers a high potential for entrepreneurs and freelancers as companies will be heading more to project-based employments. Professionals are transitioning into a free and flexible work opportunities where they can unleash their creativity. Companies as well are replacing the employees’ cost reduction, by assigning tasks to freelancers and project-based professionals.

At WorkSpace Commerce, we believe the future of co-working will be even brighter than what it is now. The pace of the world is faster than ever, and the traditional employment methods are becoming less and less effective. You can run a company from Dubai with consultants from all around the world and get the job done perfectly. Our need to physically work in an office environment for eight hours will start to diminish. The world will be run through virtual collaborations from different locations simultaneously. You can hire a freelancer thousands of miles away to finish a task in no time! In the future, big businesses will be outflanked by vibrant, innovative, and entrepreneurial middle market companies.

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