Commercial Real Estate Investors: Top Tips to Ensure Your Investment Success

Commercial Real Estate Investors: Top Tips to Ensure Your Investment Success

updated May 26, 2019
Commercial Real Estate Investors: Top Tips to Ensure Your Investment Success

If your goal is to be an astute commercial real estate investor, there is a proven formula for success.

You may have already made some real estate investments in London or be a financial wizard with an MBA. Or you might be experienced in identifying new market trends such as coworking spaces. Still, the smartest thing to do is work with a company who has a solid track record in real estate investment in commercial properties, globally.

So, if you have an opportunity to invest into a commercial property bond issued by an experienced developer with a long track record in London, thereby mitigating your risks and enhancing your returns, doesn’t this make more sense?

Nao Group has established its reputation in London investing in commercial properties and successfully transforming them into coworking spaces. By issuing commercial property investment bonds, we have enabled numerous investors to enjoy the benefits of our success, such as higher investment returns.

Over the years, Nao Group has successfully launched and executed a number of commercial property investment opportunities, with the funds raised from both corporate and individual clients being invested into the coworking market.

But why coworking space?

It is estimated that the new supply of coworking space in London grew by 25% over the last two years.

Yet, many real estate analysts believe that such growth in the coworking market is just the beginning, given that coworking is seen as a worldwide phenomenon. Expectations are that, globally, the stock of flexible office space will triple in size—until gradually representing 5-10% of office inventory in many markets.

Therefore, for anyone looking to invest in the most rapidly growing property sub-sector globally, investing in coworking properties is likely to be the most profitable.

How to best invest in the coworking market sector?

To gain entry to this market sector without the necessary expertise can be difficult—and this is where Nao Group comes in. Nao has a long history of development projects in London, offering both corporate and individual clients the opportunity to invest in commercial property investment bonds for specific projects or market sectors.

In view of the explosive growth in coworking, Nao is establishing commercial property investment bonds to facilitate easy, profitable investment in the coworking sector where the financial prospects are fixed and positive.

How does investment into a commercial property bond work?

With Nao’s asset-backed property investment bonds, you take the role of a lender. Broadly speaking, you invest an agreed amount of funds and leave Nao to do all the hard work. We ensure the property investment is soundly structured using the money you lend us and that your capital is protected and secured.

So, if you are interested in investing in one of Nao’s commercial property bonds, let’s recap the top 3 points to consider:

1) It’s always best to invest in a bond instigated and managed by an experienced developer such as the Nao Group;

Investing in property investment bonds is a great way to earn passive income and reap the rewards of a property developer’s hard work—without having to worry about the stress involved with developing or managing the property.

2) Invest in a bond which is asset-backed and where the developer has a strong track record and experience

With so many completed projects already, Nao Group has the right level of experience. We know how to mitigate risks and enhance returns.

As with any successful developer, amongst other things, we also:

  • have a clear investment strategy;
  • know in detail the market we are investing in;
  • pay close attention to demographics and trends;
  • always critically, but objectively, look at the location;
  • study the supply of other competing projects;
  • closely examine demand variables;
  • undertake rigorous cash flow forecasting

3) Invest in a bond where the deal for any property is soundly structured and where the developer expects the desired return to be achieved.

Investing in Nao Group’s commercial property investment bonds means that you are trusting us to get a development underway and take care of the myriad aspects involved in building a property, leaving you to enjoy superior investment returns. Nao takes steps to address any risks from the very beginning and our track record of successful projects speaks for itself.

Knowing how secure the investment is and what returns it will yield will help you in making the right financial decisions.

In summary, Nao Group is positive about the prospects for the coworking sector, which is why we created a coworking property investment bond. Investment in such a bond will be particularly attractive if, for example:

1. you are a keen property investor;
2. you are looking for an asset-backed investment; and
3. you are looking to receive high, fixed returns on your investment

Being a successful commercial real estate investor can require a variety of expertise, dedicated strategic planning and focus. If you are serious about investing in London or the UK property market, rest assured that the experience and professionalism of Nao Group set us aside from many other developers.

Learn more about Nao’s strategy for success in our Bond Document.

If you are looking for profitable and hassle-free commercial real estate investment opportunities, feel free to contact us. Enquire today and learn how to reap attractive investment yields using our professional expertise.

Nao Group is a commercial property developer creating coworking and co-living spaces around the globe: building communities, not just places to live and work.