Entrepreneurs and The Future of Arts

Entrepreneurs and The Future of Arts

updated December 20, 2017
Entrepreneurs and The Future of Arts

Creativity is leading the world to change. Creativity in technology, art, business and almost all industries. There is a breakthrough in the entrepreneurship world. Individuals, mostly young ones, are following their passion and building one start-up after the other. Among the different industries that are shinning, is the new wave of arts entrepreneurs.

In the past few months, we hosted some art events in our premises in China with more to come in the near future. It came to our attention how a lot of our members and outside guests are quite interested to the art events we hold in both our locations. Artists are approaching the business world through their creative skills.

It looks like the future of art entrepreneurship is bright. A report by Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP) surveyed 30,000 arts alumni, it resulted in “art entrepreneurs are quickly becoming a growing sector of the gig economy. Over 15 million Americans are self-employed, and a staggering amount of those entrepreneurs are creative artists. Of those artists who responded to the survey, about 80 percent reported having been a self-employed artist or art entrepreneur at one instance or another in their career.” And when we say art, it doesn’t include fine arts, it includes: music, design, dance, art, history and more genres.

It also showed that these art entrepreneurs are recording very good incomes and are satisfied with their standard of livings.

Artists believe entrepreneurship is the most fitting industry to be a part off. Entrepreneurs are dreamers with passion and commitment to what they are doing or trying to achieve and this fits right in the profile of an artist.

The aspiring art entrepreneurs are becoming a solid part of the future. Artists always think out of the box and this is the essence of entrepreneurship.

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