Exclusive WSC London Roadshow for the GCC

Exclusive WSC London Roadshow for the GCC

updated May 21, 2018
WSC london roadshow

Last month, we had our first press release coverage with Zawya, the leading source for regional news powered by Thomson Reuters. Here Panny Lawrence, WSC’s CEO, stressed the importance of building long-term partnerships in the GCC.

GCC countries and the UK have always had strong business relations. The GCC is one of only four regions globally to have a dedicated UKEF (UK Export Finance) team based in-market, in addition to Turkey, Indonesia, and Brazil. In an article published in Arabian Business, UKEF Senior Counsellor David Moleshead said: “The GCC has long been a key trading partner for the UK. Now, more than ever, we are witnessing a strong synergy between the UK’s world-class goods and services and the future plans of Gulf nations.”

The future of the region is packed with potential. With the launch of Expo 2020 and Saudi Vision 2030, amongst other initiatives backed by the GCC governments, the GCC is reaching mile-stones and strengthening its presence on the global stage. The GCC looks to the UK as a partner and one of the best markets in the world.

London is still ranked as the No.1 choice for commercial real estate investment worldwide. It is also the world’s largest market for serviced offices with an estimated £16billion of space. The Financial Times published an article stating that throughout 2017 overseas investors have kept the office block investment in London in overdrive. In the first half of 2017, €26.7billion of foreign investment was recorded in the commercial property market in the UK. This illustrates how big investing in commercial property is in the UK.

For us at WSC, we believe the region is a key partner for the growth of our company. Panny Lawrence, founder and CEO of WSC, commented: “There are multiple factors as to why we have identified the GCC region as a key investor market and development partner for our property portfolio. The region continues to achieve growth, which has resulted in multiple businesses starting up who need the support of more flexible workspace. In addition, residents of the GCC continue to invest in properties in London and we want to offer them opportunities with WorkSpace Commerce.”

WSC is preparing for its first official roadshow in London during the summer. The roadshow will have multiple offerings, some exclusive to GCC residents.

To know more about our current and future offerings for the GCC, please email info@wsc-intl.com

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