Information Security Seminar at The Hale

Information Security Seminar at The Hale

updated October 15, 2017
Information Security Seminar at Hale

Cyber-attacks are the new digital threat facing organizations today. It is important to be aware of what cyber-attacks really are and how to protect your organization against them.

On the 9th of August, we held an Information Security Seminar in our London facility The Hale. The seminar was conducted by an ethical hacker/auditor from information security consultancy and experts Arhont Information Security, who explained to the audience tactics criminals are using when hacking emails, and how to prevent themselves and their businesses from this type of attacks.

Around 70% of the UK’s SMEs claim they don’t have an adequate protection in place against these attacks. This seminar spearheaded by WorkSpace Commerce, aims to educate our members and visitors to learn more about the ways to protect their businesses.

As a global business hub, we want to provide our members and visitors with workshops and seminars that provide practical help and benefits to their businesses. Protecting your brand in a world that is becoming increasingly digital is a must and we want our members and visitors to keep up with the pace of what is happening around us.

At WorkSpace Commerce, our strategy is to provide relevant workshops, seminars and trainings that are at the core of what is needed to grow businesses. We understand that building a startup requires a lot of education. We want to enable entrepreneurs and business owners achieve their business goals in a creative and productive atmosphere where exchange of ideas amongst experts from different industries is possible.

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