Star Wars Creator George Lucas, The Real Jedi

Star Wars Creator George Lucas, The Real Jedi

updated January 17, 2018
star wars creator george lucas

Star Wars; a title that is synonymous with block busters and die-hard fans; a genius piece of cinematic wonder that inspires world-wide hysteria with fans camping out in front of the cinemas for days for ticket and merchandise sales. It was one of the first that spawn this type of global phenomenon; way before Harry Potter and any of the Marvel series we have at present. But the really interesting story about Star Wars is actually the force behind its creation, George Lucas.

In the 1970s, an ordinary guy called George Lucas had an extraordinary idea of a visionary sci-fi movie at a time where people were not into this kind of movie genre. You can imagine the great struggle he had to sell his idea and find a producer to fund the movie. He eventually found one, but the budget fell short of what was significantly needed. He was asked to make huge cuts on production expenses but this also meant jeopardizing the various special effects that would be the hallmark of this movie. Everyone at that time believed it would be a non-viable movie project and a major box-office fiasco; George was the only one standing by his conviction.

The story behind Star Wars gives us a simple yet meaningful model of how dreams are pursued against a backdrop of challenges and seeming impossibilities. When Lucas was faced with financial challenges in funding his movie project, he decided to create his own visual effects company to make it. He did this in the 1970s, before the advent of the digital age, in an environment where nobody believed in him and what he was trying to achieve.

George represents any individual with a dream. Someone who persisted against all odds to realize his dream through determination, resourcefulness and self-conviction. A positive disruptor, he made Star Wars into one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed movie franchises in history, winning every possible award for George and his company and smashing box-office records along the way; grossing more than USD $8.8 billion world-wide since.

George is no different to any of us. We all have dreams. The difference is how we are when faced with challenges and obstacles on our way to realizing them. There is a Real Jedi in every one of us; we need only to believe in ourselves and persist through any negative circumstances that come between us and our dreams.

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