Wearable Technology’s Impact on the Workplace

Wearable Technology’s Impact on the Workplace

updated April 22, 2018
wearable technology

Forbes magazine published an article back in 2014 stating that wearable technology will be “the next big thing”, growing from around $5 billion today to $50 billion within five years’ time. For those who don’t exactly know what this term means, “wearable technology” is a category of technology devices worn by a consumer. These gadgets have multiple uses – some are used for fitness and health while others are used to sync with mobile devices. Famous examples of wearable technology devices are Fitbits, smart watches, and Google Glass. At present, according to Business Wire,“wearable technology shipments reached 33.9 million units in the fourth quarter of 2016 (Q4-16), growing 16.9% year over year.”

Decades ago, an office usually consisted of desks, chairs, lots of paperwork and filing cabinets. What has been happening recently is a revolution in the workplace. With the rise of flexible, contractual employment, workers are no longer needed to be physically present in the office to complete a 9-5 job. With the introduction of wearable technology, this agile business environment is even more possible.

Flexible workplaces are benefiting the most from this kind of technology. Teams and communities are being managed with the integration between different devices within the Internet of Things concept (IoT). Mobile applications (Apps) on project management, file sharing, computing and company internal communication are all enhancing employee productivity and off-site management. Coworking communities are nurtured in a similar manner. Wearables are the handy, customizable gadgets that provide real-time, hassle-free connectivity between members and their community managers, between employees and their employers.

The possibilities with wearable technology and how it can impact the workforce and the future workplace are limitless – from security to work-life balance, the list can go on. This is what the shared economy, and coworking is all about – ease of work.

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