What's Beyond the Dubai Expo 2020?

What's Beyond the Dubai Expo 2020?

updated May 23, 2018
Beyond Dubai Expo 2020

From October 2020 to April 2021, Dubai will be at the centre of the world stage as it hosts the next World Expo. Dubbed as “The Greatest Show on Earth” it will attract over 180 nationalities and millions of visitors. It is expected that 70 percent of visitors will come from outside the UAE; the highest proportion of overseas visitors an Expo has seen. The Expo will host over 90 different events, with over 120,000 businesses from 121 countries, already registered.

To illustrate the sheer magnitude of Expo 2020 Dubai; approximately 4.7 million m3 of earth has been moved to prepare the construction site, 230 tenders have been launched, and 806 orders have been raised to the tune of AED 1.045bn. It is clear that there will be a massive impact on Dubai both pre and during the Expo, however this does pose the question; what will happen next?

We have explored this thought and gathered together some great insights. Expo 2020 will not only attract large companies and organisations, but it is also building initiatives to support SMEs and Start-ups. Expo 2020 has partnered with Wamda, the leading platform for entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa, to launch a new Collaborative Entrepreneurship Initiative which includes the development of a toolkit and dedicated website. In addition, the organisers continue to seek young talent, as Dubai is known to attract young talent from around the globe.

“Connecting Minds and Creating the Future” is not just the core theme of Expo 2020, it is a vision. The Expo will attract business from around the globe, allowing them the opportunity to showcase themselves for six months, with the potential to create a future base in Dubai. With a heavy focus on young talent, a turnkey solution, that is also cost effective, is in high demand in the commercial property and office set. Youth Connect events, initiatives, and partnerships with entrepreneurs will all shape the future of commercial property in Dubai, both during and after Expo 2020.

With the volume of businesses participating in the Expo, and initiatives inviting SMEs and entrepreneurs to join, now is the perfect time to boost shared offices and coworking spaces in the city. Currently, Dubai pales in comparison when it comes to shared offices and coworking spaces. In addition to this, the ones that do exist offer a very basic service. This need, combined with the promising results of the recent Deskmag survey, highlights the huge potential in the UAE market.

So, what will happen after the Expo? “District 2020,” the area which the Expo occupies in Dubai South, will undergo extensive redevelopments before reopening in October 2021, not long after the Expo closes in April that year. Some buildings will remain as they are, while others will see some changes. It will become a community and business hub, targeting innovative technology companies, in line with the “smart Dubai” initiative in place. “District 2020 will continue to carry forward Expo 2020’s mission of connecting people,” says Marjan Faraidooni, an official specializing in Expo 2020 legacy.

Expo 2020 is all about innovation and doing things ‘the Dubai way’. Now is the time to follow suit and create signature coworking and shared office spaces – done the Dubai way!

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